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The Beginning of A.P.A.

Mr. Page started out working with different established Concert Agencies as an interpreter for US artists entering Germany and had established himself in the music scene as an individual who worked hard for the musicians and as someone you can always count on to be in your corner.

It was during this timeframe in the late 80’s that Mr. Page had a meeting with “the Soul Legend” Mr. James Brown in the renowned Bayerische Hof Hotel in Munich.

Mr. Brown was so impressed with Mr. Page that he asked him to accompany him on his tour throughout Europe & the U.K.

A direct networking system was set up from Europe directly to the US.

In the 90’s Mr. Page worked with such acts as Chaka Khan, Johnny “Guitar” Watson, Barry White, Gary Moore, Chuck Berry, Johnny Johnson, Oliver Sain’s Rhythm & Blues All Stars, Poetry n Motion, G’s Incorporated, among many other musical groups.

In the height of the invasion of modern R&B and Hip-Hop, Mr. Page teamed up with Debo Productions in which they were the 1st Agencies to introduce this new style of R&B & Hip-Hop to Europe, this introduction of acts which started with R.Kelley, Da Brat, 69 Boyz, Dru Hill, McLyte, Eve, Jodeci, AZ Yet, Foxy Brown, Freddie Jackson, Missy Elliott, Lou Bega(Mambo #5), Actor Harald Leipniz, Barbara Schonberger, Chanson Singer and many more.

It was during this time frame that Mr. Page began working on his own Productions. Productions such as, the “Rock A My Soul Gospel Revue” with Michael Flannagan as the musical director.
The Rock A My Soul Gospel Revue also caught the attention of the German Parliament.

Shortly thereafter Mr. Page was contacted by the office of the German President, Roman Herzog, his wife, Christiane Herzog requested a meeting with Mr. Page due to her charity operation for the “Cystic Fibrosis Association of Germany”, a partnership was born with the backing of the President of Germany.

In 2017 Mr. Page facilitated acts for Clients such as Drake, Future, Niki Minaj, Eminem, The Magic Platters, etc.…

About Mr. Page: His Specialty; “I know a hit song when I feel it.”

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