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George Hodos

International sensation George Hodos gravitated towards pop music at an early age. Born in a country dominated primarily by opera music, George was fortunate enough to have been exposed to different musical outlets through  television. He found himself enthralled by artists such as Tina Turner, Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston. Inspired by their captivating stage presence, charisma and overall ability to sing, George Hodos had always dreamt of one day being amongst the likes of his favorite American artists. 

Referred to as “The Voice” George Hodos was embraced as a singing prodigy before he took his first step. George discovered his love for song as he enjoyed melodically carrying on to a record of Giacomo Puccini’s opera “Tosca” that his family would play around the house. George took his first step into the spotlight at the age of six when he starred in the musical “Oh Painful” and later went on to showcase his talents in the children’s opera “The Garden” which toured throughout Russia for a number of years. 

Through his performance on stage, George’s voice caught the attention of his peers and was granted several scholarships to attend the highest regarded music conservatory in Russia called “The Russian Academy of Theatre Arts.” George graduated at the top of his class with honors, and immediately set his mind on achieving his greatest dream; a career in pop music. 
By the age of twenty, George had established a number of relationships with producers from around the globe. He decided to collaborate with them on his debut album, which was aptly titled “The Voice.” The album dropped and George’s single “Where Do I Go” skyrocketed to the top of the charts landing George in Radio, VH1, and Musicbox as well as on several magazine covers including “Entertainment Weekly” and MK Magazine’s, “Top 50 Men of the year”. George also landed a feature spread in Playboy Magazine that spotlighted his sultry sounds and good looks. Later George Hodos has organically found his way to the United States and released his highly anticipated single “Just A Man” feat. Snoop Dogg through Universal Music Group. This single became his first charted material (10 weeks in Billboard charts) and undoubtedly made this signing sensation an international star.
In early 2014 George released an album of remixes "Just A Man feat. Snoop Dogg. Remixes" with New Zealand Indie Label “Do It”.

George's long awaited EP was released, March 8-th 2014 through“Tate Music Group” The EP brings Soul and R&B songs that will leave listeners craving for the upcoming full length album. This new release is a wonderful example of great taste and the real beauty of his distinctive velvet voice and sensuality.

In 2016, George signed with the indie label Chubb Records. You can expect to hear a lot more of George, so keep your eyes, and ears open. More great music is on the way.
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