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The Chubb Show

How can I get on The Chubb Show?

  1. Review and choose a Promotion Package by clicking on the links above. After reviewing the Packages.
  2. Fill in the Broadcast Release Form.
  3. Upload your content in best Quality.
  4. Check out with PayPal to send your content and make your payment.
  5. Click here to go to the Broadcast Release and Order Form.
  6. We will contact you on the status of your video, and, or content.
  7. We must receive your payment before airing, or promoting your material.

Being on The Chubb Show (supports):

  • Multi-Genre Music.
  • International Artists regardles of Language. (All languages are welcome.)
  • The opportunity to be seen on an International Entertainment Show.
  • The opportunity to get booked in Europe, and Internationally.
  • The opportunity to share your Product, and or Brand with the world.
  • The opportunity to attract a larger fan base.
  • Could lead to a Distribution deal.
  • Could lead to a Publishing deal.
  • Could lead to a Record deal.
  • Could lead to Sponsorship(s).
  • and much more.
Where can The Chubb Show be seen?
  1. The Chubb Show can be seen Worldwide over the Internet.
  2. The Chubb Show can be seen via live streams during show times on Public TV Stations in Germany. TV Show aired on German Public TV are moderated in the German language.

  1. A new show is posted every 14 days.
  2. There may be occasional Bonus Shows. Bonus shows will add to the opportunity for your videos to be aired more often.
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