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The Chubb Show

Feature Artist for Show 1

Who is Longevity?
Longevity is one of the most sought after and consistent producers of the last decade.

He is also on short list of beat makers able to maintain balance on that fine line between independent credibility and commercial success. He is a staple on the Los Angeles underground music scene, and his talents  have attracted many artists to work with him: Jurassic five, Kanye West, KRS One, Cypress Hill, Fischbone, Psycho Realm, Talib Kweli Aceyalone, Black Eyed Peas, Pete Rock, Visionaries, Fat Jack, Medusa, C-Minus, J-Rock, D.J.Hive, Otherwize, and the list goes on.

His talent for merging hip-hop with hardcore rock is undeniable. He is a lyrical mastermind who knows how to own a stage and get the audience moving.

"Longevity oozes with pure genious," XLR8R Magazine. "Longevity is a class above the new school," URB Magazine. "When Longevity puts it down he can't be touched," Complex Magazine.

Show list - Show 1

10. Charles Shaw – Good bye Aufwiedersehen
9.  RocknRollas - City of Men
8.  MF 911 Tell them all
7.  Ely - Bad Dudes
6.  Curse on the Cortex - Frightening Song
5.  Longevity – Bad Habit
4.  Curse on the Cortex - Great Connections
3.  Brownlucci - Luck of the Draw
2.  Wonda Prince – Party Time
1.  Longevity – Frustrated

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