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The Chubb Show

Feature Artist for Show 10
"Unite Against Bullying"

The Chubb Show - Show 10

20 Phor -  Don’t Know no better
19 Jet Black Alley Cat - Poison
18 La’Vega - The Girl You like
17 J-byrd - Hip Hop ft. Rahzel
16 Young Sixx - Excuse My French
15 Gentleman Jake - Poke
14 Yenn - Foreigner
13 Kathlyn Dean - I’ll Show You Crazy
12 Requiem - Sticks and stones and her lovely bones
11 Rico Love with Future - He Got Money
10 Young Sixx - The way I love you
9 Respect - Bun dem
8 The Jackie Boyz - Do Not Disturb
7 Right on Yukon - Haunted
6 Fat Joe feat. JLO - Stressin
5 Louie St. Claire - Jay Z Hol’ Up
4 Killcode - The Wrong Side
3 Terry Dean - I can only be Me
2 Ryan Hemsworth - Snow in Newark
1 Unite Against Bullying - Remember

Quinton Aaron Foundation

Message from Quinton Aaron:

Hi, my name is Quinton Aaron, of the Quinton Aaron Foundation.

I was severely bullied as a child:

I was called names.
I was beat up almost every day, and because of it I faced a lot of depression.

How did those experiences impact your life?

These are some of the things that I would never forget.

How did you overcome those experiences?

You know, with the help of my family, and friends, and teachers, I overcame that adversity.
Because of it I will always remember.

Who worked with you on this project?

ARTIST: UNITE AGAINST BULLYING (Quinton Aaron, Wendy Moten, Kris Thomas, Karina Iglesias, Linzy Rose, Shayne Leighton, Kojo Hayes, Nick Murphy, Sarah Simmons, Justin Merrick, Stax Music Academy)

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