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The Chubb Show

Feature Artist for Show 2
"Charles Shaw"

Who is Charles Shaw?

Charles Shaw is the original voice of the Milli Vanilli, "Girl you know it's true.

The song sold more than 21 Million copies.

Charles has shared the stage with Sydney Youngblood, and many others. He has released
several songs over the past years.

Watch Charles EPK, and interview in The Chubb Show.

Show List - Show 2

10. Curse on the Cortex - No Secret
9.   DJ Glo - I'm shining
8.   MF 911 - Tell them all
7.   A-J-One - AK 100 Follies
6.   pArts - I'm on my way
5.   Brown Lucci - Luck of the Draw
4.   Wonda Prince - Party Time
3.   Longevity - Frustrated
2.   Dj Lord Jazz (feat.) Mr. Funke - Say Yeah
1.   Charles Shaw - Goodbye-Aufwiedersehen

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