Show 36 - The Chubb Group

" The Ultimate Service Group. "
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The Chubb Show

Show List - Show 36

20 The Album Leaf - Between Waves
19  Arita - Everything
18  Mimi Knowles - Better
17  Korr-A - Trapped
16  Korr-A - Cali Love
15  Audio Push - Control Us
14  The Strive - Kingdom
13  Chef Sean - Color Money
12  Polyphase - Mamifero
11  Zay Young$ta_AR 16 - Addicted
10  Fox Stevenson - High Five
9   Blacktop Mojo - Where the wind Blows
8   Cooper Alan - Carolina Saturday Night
7   The Babys - I See You There
6   Bigg Dogg - Give and Take
5   Trina Damn - ft. Torey Lanez
4   Clyde Carson - Let’s Get It
3   Wordsmith - Living Life Check to Check
2   The Mrs - Blink of an Eye
1   B.o.B. -  4 Lit ft. T.I. & Ty Dolla Sign

Korr - A

KORR-A found inspiration in performance art at a very early age. Born near the disaster stricken ruins of Chernobyl, KORR-A was brought to the United States to inquire about health complications she suffered as a result of the plant explosion. It was as a child in the U.S. where she began to fall in love with 90’s hip-hop and pop hits and the dance moves of icons like Michael and Janet Jackson.
She relocated back to Ukraine to reunite with her parents where she began dance and singing lessons. Finally, she returned back to the U.S. to pursue her dream of attending Pepperdine University in Malibu and launching her music career. Relentless and dedicated KORR-A reemerged on the music scene in 2013 with her explosive her smash “Fiyacraka.” Crafted by Grammy-nominated producer, Dave Aude—who has scored over 83 #1 Billboard dance hits— “Fiyacraka” reached #18 on the Billboard Dance Club Charts, #12 on UK’s Music Week Commercial Pop Charts, and #7 on the DJ Times National Dance/Crossover Charts. Read more...
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