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The Chubb Show

Feature Artist for Show 4
"T Dawn"

Who is TDawn?
A southern California girl that has grabbed the music industry by storm!

She recently won two awards from the XMA 2014 Music awards held in Chicago. Her song "Controlled By Vanity" won Best Alternative Song, and her song "Battled Soldier" won best Indies Song.

In 2013 she took home the "Best Female Alternative Artist for 2013" award
from the Indie Music Channel Awards, and was nominated as "Best Songwriter" as well.

Her Music:

Her music is no stranger to the Indie music scene. T Dawn's music is being aired worldwide,
on both FM and Internet radio. T Dawn’s music is unique,  laced in ethereal mystical rock tones, and melodic beats. She fills her songs with many of life’s experiences; packaged with powerful vocals.

A Few Highlights:

T Dawn was
t featured in JamSphere Webzine and BWD Magazine.

a contract with gaming company Music Powered Games.

Voted in as a Semi
- Finalist "Got Soul" Contest at WPB Radio.

won honors for her song, “Battle Solider” in the TS Got Talent Contest.

The Chubb Show - Show 4

20. Brown Lucci - Luck of the Draw
19. Huntley and Foht - Moonshine
18. Fatel Flows - The Strip
17. Curse on the Cortex - You Will Dance On My Grave
     DJ Glo Lotung Show
16.  DJ Glo - Over there
15.  My First Robot - Trip to Hell
14. A-J One - Bene Phase
13. Huntley and Foht - Hey Little Shooting Star
12. Kane'd - Fuck You
11. Curse on the Cortex - Lines Beneath
10. DJ Lord Jazz feat. Arophat - Eagle Eye
9.  Mystery Band - Columbine
8.  Terry Dean - Lonely People
7.  Iris Gutjahr - Lass die Seele baumeln
6.  Fatel Flows - Bang Bang
5.  Kane'd - I See Ya
4.  Anthony M - Lay with you
3.  Brown Lucci - Marca De Sangre
2.  Do it all feat. Pete Rock - Surrender
1.  T Dawn - Vanity

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