"The Chubb Show" - Show 5 features the Rock n Rollas - The Chubb Group

" The Ultimate Service Group. "
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The Chubb Show

Feature Artist for Show 5

Who are the RocknRollas?
The "RocknRollas" are made up of: Antlive, Rollblunt, and various menbers that can be found either on their tracks, or website, http://rocknrollas.com.

Who is Antlive?

"Antlive" is one of three member of the legendary group MF 911 out of Detroit. "MF 911" is one of the first raps groups out of Detroit Michigan (U.S.A) to sign a Major Label Record Deal.

What are the Rockn Rollas?
The RocknRollas are a Record Label that incorporates artists between Texas, Detroit, Georgia, and the U.K. creating their unique style, and sound. Generally
called in the world of underground hip-hop, pure boom bap Detroit Street Rap.

The Chubb Show - Show 5

20. Basement Jaxx Never Say Never
19. Alexis Houston Light
18. King Jai Blow
17. Unbreakable Rock The Nightlife
16. Fatel Flows Revelations
15. Mall G feat. Frenchie Hands up
14. Derek Nicoletto Hell in Gramercy
13. Motorhead Lost Woman Blues
12. T Dawn Battled Soldier
11. Jacqui Taylor Kamikaze Guitarist
10. Longevity Bad Habit
9. Vita Chambers A + D
8. Houraton DDoS
7. Terry Dean I can only be me
6. Alex Kelly Magnet
5. Alee ft. Axl What We Do
4. Curse on the Cortex Orange
3. Kane'd I See Ya
2. Peter Groch Undisterbed
1. RocknRollas City of men

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