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The Chubb Show

Feature Artist for Show 6
"Josh Hawkins"
The Chubb Show - Show 6

20 MDZ ft. Frenchie Betty Crocker
19 Brandon Chase One
18 Josephine Roberto He wants to get it
17 Dark Horses Live on Hunger
16 Castrofate Shattered Soul
15 Carla Bianco Lean Into You
14 Fatel Flows The Strip
13 Joe Budden Touch & Go
12 Denise Foglein Guardian Angel
11 Megafauna Haunted Factory
10 Gramatic Brave Men feat. Eskobars DV
9 Houraton DDoS
8 ALCapella Love you for the Night
7 Unity Lonely On The Grind
6 Arthur Nasson I've Got a Flanger in My Heart
5 Huntley & Foht Moonshine
4 Skooda Feelin Me
3 Vita Chambers A+D Orchestral
2 Mushroom Head Querty (Clean)
1 Josh Hawkins 8 Seconds to win it

Who is Josh Hawkins?

He is, a singer /songwriter and guitar player from Collinsville, Oklahoma.

He is currently attending college at The Academy of Contemporary Music at the University of
Central Oklahoma. (ACM@UCO).

His passions are his music; home, family, friends, and the experiences he had growing up in the
State of Oklahoma.

Where does his songs come from?

His songs come from his experiences and the appreciation for the little
things in life that most people tend to overlook.

What is Josh currently up to?

He just finished his debut 3-song EP, which was produced in Oklahoma City at Studio Seven. He
signed to an Independent record label “Lunacy Records” in March of this year. He publishes his music
through LunaSong Music.

He spends his time writing songs and recording. He has many more songs in the works.

Stay in contact with Josh. (Josh Hawkins) - http://www.reverbnation.com/countylinefugitive

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