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The Chubb Show

Feature Artist for Show 7
"Reckless Mercy"
Who is "Reckless Mercy"?
"Reckless Mercy" is a Folk, Rock, Christian Band. Consisting of:

Alex Castillo
Stephen Jeffrey
Adam Brinks
Tony Cox

With members from Beaufort SC, Savannah GA and Asheville NC, Reckless Mercy relentlessly convenes each weekend in music venues up and down the east coast to deliver a unique display of talented songwriting and performance driven by extreme passion for their art and message.   One might say their genre fits loosely within the realms of Americana/Folk/Rock, with varying cultural influences built into the mix (latino, middle-eastern, etc). The Travel Channel actually used the term Alternative Country to describe them, but any way you hear it, one thing is certain - you’ll find that their music favorably transcends cultural stereotypes and boundaries to engage audiences from all over in a deep-reaching musical experience of hope and freedom.

It’s no secret that the substance of their music is a direct result of their commitment to give their gifts back to the One who gave them.  Only a few moments of conversation with these guys quickly reveals their hearts as followers of Christ.  Seeing their sincerity in this regard makes it easier for one to understand how God’s influence infiltrates their music.  He’s in it.  His message is in it.  Always will be.  It’s just who they are.  Contrary to what some may think, this doesn’t in any way take away from the quality of musicianship or lyrics where these guys are concerned...the quality of Reckless Mercy’s music is evidently as paramount as their lyrical message.

Public/Secular Venues…Reckless Mercy welcomes every opportunity they get to play in public/secular venues.  Their lineup of original folk/rock tunes historically corrals and entertains a mixed crowd whether in live music venues/cafes, the streets, festivals or other special events.  The energy and catchiness of their sound and the realness of their lyrics transcends barriers to capture the affections of a wide array of listeners.  

Churches…Reckless Mercy frequents churches of many different denominations to share their original songs and stir up people of all ages to get real with themselves, real with God and real with the people around them.  Never afraid to share personal struggles and victories to validate their message, they passionately compel the church to simply (yet radically) live and love like Jesus lived and loved - beyond all popular philosophies, beyond all doctrine and beyond all religion.  Reckless Mercy is also well-equipped to lead praise and worship when requested as part of their invitation.
Reckless Mercy has been the opener band for several Christian artists such as:  For King and Country, Shawn McDonald, Todd Agnew and Johnny Diaz.  They have also shared the stage with other notable Christian artists such as:  Peter Furler, Rhett Walker Band, Glenn Kaiser, and Steve Taylor.
The Chubb Show - Show 7

20 Jierra Heros Tribute
19 Carla Bianco Lean into you
18 Jesephine Roberto He wants to get it
17 King Jai Blow
16 Reese El Don Don't Go
15 Alex B Still inLove
14 Peter Groch Undisterbed
13 Nita Chawla Bite The Bullet
12 Gazelle Twin Antibody
11 Viagom7 Ido (time is killing me)
10 Josh Hawkins 8 Seconds to win it
9 My Son The Bum Follow me Like Me
8 Franchizzy Nuh Pastry
7 Kali Jani Permission to Go
6 Terry Dean Lonely People
5 Derek Nicoletto Hell in Gramercy
4 Vita Chambers A+D
3 Skooda Feelin Me
2 Unity Lonely on the Grind
1 Reckless Mercy Ain't no Grave

Discography: The Things I Do (2008), Turning Over Tables (May 2012)

What is Reckless Mercy currently up to?

They are currently working on an album, which is planned for release in 2015.

Reckless Mercy:

(adj) 1. a. Heedless or careless.   b. Headstrong; rash.
2. Indifferent to or disregardful of consequences

(n) 1. Compassion or forgiveness shown toward someone whom it is within one's power to punish or harm   2. An event to be grateful for, esp. because its occurrence prevents something unpleasant or provides relief from suffering.

(our definition)  
1. Mercy that could care less how many sins it has to forgive, cover and conquer to get to you.  
2. Mercy that is headstrong against the enemies of your soul and flesh that try to keep you from the good plans that God has planned for your life.  
3. Mercy that is indifferent to and disregardful of how much havoc its pursuit of you brings to the kingdom of darkness that is contending for spiritual rulership over every one of us from the day we are born.

This mercy cannot be stopped, tamed or deterred...this mercy pursues the objects of its affection beyond reason...this mercy apprehends its subjects beyond natural law...this mercy is the reckless mercy of our God.  
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