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The Chubb Show

Feature Artist for Show 9

The Chubb Show - Show 9

20 Jackie Boyz - Do Not Disturb
19 Young Sixx - Excuse My French
18 Right On Yukon - Haunted
17 Jet Black Alley Cat -Poison
16 Chrysalis - My Forsaken
15 FLA da Liguid - Die Kinder von Morgen
14 Kali Jani - Permission to Go
13 Houraton - DDoS
12 Denise Foglein - Guardian Angel
11 DJ Lord Jazz ft Arophat - Eagle Eye
10 Brown Lucci - Luck of the Draw
9 Alex B - Still in Love
8 Nita Chawla - Bite the Bullet
7 A-J One - Bene Phase
6 Reckless Mercy - Ain’ No Grave
5 Kane’d - I See Ya
4 Josephine Roberto - He wants to Get it
3 Skooda - Feelin Me
2 Terry Dean - I can only be me
1 Respect - Bun Dem

Who is Respect?

Keithroy Mason popularly known as “Respect” is an Antiguan born Reggae Cultural Artist and Screen Actor.

Motivation and Influences:

“Respect “ began his musical career with an R&B group in Bronx New York, and has traveled worldwide performing in various venues.
Respect‘s musical career has been influenced by Jamaican Reggae artists such as Tiger, Buju Banton along with other Antiguan recording artists. He finds motivation from the positive messages in their songs. Respect has transferred the same upbeat and positive message into his music.

With three albums currently being distributed by Tropical Records, Respect has witnessed his music on shelves alongside some of the greatest Caribbean and International acts inside the music industry. His music can be found on various online music stores such as iTunes and Noisetrade. His best selling albums "Scorned" and "Take a Stand" continue to dominate the market.
Tours, Acting, Videos, and Films: 

Fresh from an African tour, Respect recently shot a music video for his single “Bun Dem” in Central Africa.

He is currently in New York preparing to shoot the music video for his new single “Catch a Fire” and gearing up for his role in an up and coming movie where he will be playing along side an A list Hollywood actor. Look out for more from this artist.
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